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Screen Gems Silkscreening Co specializes in quality hand printed garments, such as t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, tote bags, bandanas etc. Whether it’s for your company, band, school, clothing brand, event, we’ll provide you with great looking garments to wear and promote with. With over 30 years experience, we can help your idea come to life through print.

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 WaterBase Discharge

Water-based inks are a good choice when a “soft hand” is desirable. A soft hand is the condition where the ink film cannot easily be felt with the hand when passed across the surface of the fabric. This affect is often used as an argument for why water-based is preferable to plastisol as plastisol has more of a hand than water-based. However please note that Waterbase discharge inks will only work on 100% cotton fabrics.


12 piece T shirt minimum. You are responsible for providing all high resolution or vector artwork, sizing information, as well as fabric composition and color(s) prior to sending us the garments. Please call and get your free quote today, 877-436-7311.

Plastisol Ink

Plastisol inks are widely used in garment printing. They are easy to print, do not dry in the screen, can be very opaque on dark garments, and will adhere to most textiles. Plastisol ink also creates an ink film that can be felt with the hand. The higher the opacity of the ink, the greater the hand.

Organic T-Shirts

We also take pride in our Authentic organic fabrics and clothing that can help the environment in a number of ways, such as:

  • No chemical pesticides are used

  • Organic cotton farming produces far less CO2 emissions per acre

  • Organic cotton farming uses up to 60% less water than conventional farming methods.

  • Pesticide or herbicide residues are not entered accidentally into the environment

  • Humans and animals are not exposed to chemical pesticides or herbicides

  • When the fabric is discarded, pesticides and herbicides are not returned to the earth in landfill, or enter into recycling process

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